About me
I am a writer. You can call me Aria! Basically, for a long time, I've had this passion about writing, and I've decided that writing is what I want to do. If it was a career, I would love that, but for now, it's just a hobby. I have always been interested in police work, forensics, mysteries, etc. I love the idea of being able to solve a crime. I love to be weird!

Books are my life. I will read just about anything, but my favorite are A mysteries, YA dystopian, and comic books.

I have one completed novel, and several under construction. I have participated in Nanowrimo YWP for the last three years, and I've completed my goal once.

This is my first blog! (YAY!)

If you would like me to review your writing, just for another opinion, I'd be happy to review a few pages and/or chapters.

That's pretty much about it!

Blog Info
Basically, I reconstructed the site so that it has to separate "blogs". Writing Tales is all short stories, parts of my books, etc., while Life Tales is where I post random stuff about me that sometimes relates to writing. Thank you for checking out my blog, and I hope you enjoy what you read on here!