Saturday, June 14, 2014

If I Stay

So, this is my second book review. This one doesn't really have a category, but I guess I'd call it GOOD BOOK! Yeah, so descriptive like there isn't 6050000000000000000 of those.

Anyhow, this book is yet again another YA novel that is yet again being turned into a movie but just to set the record straight I read this one AND Divergent before the movie, gosh! I drank the coffee before it was cool guys.

*Disclaimer I am so not a hipster, in fact I'm the opposite of a hipster. Of course hipsters are basically the opposite of hipsters because in all honesty, by claiming that they don't do the same thing as everyone else, they copy other hipsters with their style, actions, way of speech, and attitude, which makes them ironic and not hipsters. Is this like a paradox? A hipster paradox? Hipsters do you see what you've done... STOP IT!*

Anyhow, I read this book and it made me a combination of sad and mad AND I can't tell you what made me sad/mad because it's the end of the book. You know that old kiddy book that was like the monster at the end of the book? Well, this is basically it. Gayle Forman killed me. So without being spoiler-y something happens THAT WOULD MAKE YOU THINK, oh I'll just turn the next page and see what happens AFTER THIS MAJOR EVENT, but Gayle Forman is just like *Lol no reader* she trolls you. Like a boss-- like a very very mean boss. It's not nice! And I don't care if there's a second book because she (SPOILER ALERT)

(kind of)

Skips three years later into Adam's narrative.
How dare you? Mess with my emotions! So freaking mean! I hope you're happy now!

But before I was murdered by her version of 'an ending' I thought the book was pretty good. So here is a basic plot summary: Basically, girl has a lovely life with a loving punk rocky family and incredibly talented boyfriend who belongs to an emo-rock group, and she plays cello. Well, one snowy day her parents, her little brother, Teddy, and herself (Mia) go on a car ride where they are hit by a truck. She pulls herself up from the ground and she sees her parents, dead, and her brother, well, she doesn't know, but she sees something weird, her clothes, her body, lying on the ground, but she's standing up. Of course her first instinct is that she's dead, but she's not. She's alive and unconscious but somehow awake and watching everything, and she ends up with the lovely decision on her lap if she wants to STAY alive or leave and die. That's basically it without getting to spoiler-y.

So, as I mentioned before, this is also a movie, but the movie (at the time of this blog post) has yet to come out, so I present you with the trailer (I saw this at the theaters going to see TFIOS with my friend and we both had a major freak out because we recognized the book).  Anyhow...

Without further adieu... TRAILER:

 That trailer gives me chills every time. They represent the characters so well, and you won't even get it 'til you read it. It's beautiful.

Side note: I approve of their casting selection. Her mom's the chick for 'The Killing'. I like that show. Anyway I feel like that lady is going to do a great job...yada yada yada...

Anyhow, I feel like I need to get paid for these because I'm advertising them to all of you lovelies, but then I guess we'd have to discuss copyright, and well, never mind.

Enjoy the book, and WHEN YOU'RE FINISHED, the movie. Don't make me tsk at you.

Thanks for reading!

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