Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Hey guys! So, this is going to be my first contest and this one will be all about the loot. So, first off the rules are your entry has to be 500 words or less and the first line has to be: The rock fell onto the cold dusty floor. There will be three winners winning a free copy of one of my favorite books of the moment "Divergent", "If I stay", or a free review by myself on 1 chapter of any writing of your choice.

Post the entries below in the comment section.
Also, I just got a twitter account so if you want to shout out at me or tell your friends about the contest my twitter is there below.


Thanks so much!

Deadline: Currently Undetermined

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  1. The rock fell onto the cold, dusty floor, trembling layers of paneled walls and oak floors, finally ending with a dull thud against concrete, four floors below. I stood, trembling as well, waiting for the angry voices, threatening shouts and hoarse footsteps deafening the rocks clumsy descent … nothing.

    Bored of waiting, I wandered out into the hallway, stopping at the window seat across from the banister curving down through acres of wood. Glancing briefly at the car in the drive, I slowly raised my eyes to encompass the forest surrounding the glade that cradled a long curving drive that disappeared into a sea of cypress, oak and pine.

    “Where did you go?”

    At first it had been exciting, the angry voices, the slamming doors. “I’m never coming back,” warming and then chilling the blood in my veins. They couldn’t mean it. After all, I belonged to them, like bone to bone, inseparable … or so I thought. Maybe not.

    I slumped down on the dusty seat, glaring at the wind inspired particles now drifting in the air. They tried to leave, they really did, dragging suitcases dripping arms and legs of cashmere and cotton, thrown hurriedly in the trunk, slammed shut. Car doors slammed, less enthusiastically and then the errrr errrr errr of a misfiring engine. Silence.

    I pushed up on my elbows and stared again, remembering. Angry voices, escalating and I could feel them staring at me through the glass, the shards piercing my soul, as they stomped away from the immobile car, the blaming, complaining dimming in the distance as they stomped, then strode and finally seeped away down the drive into the forest, the echoes, “it’s only a mile or two, come on.” fading into their distance and finally disappearing altogether.

    It had been four days. They had not returned.

    Alone again … well I was well accustomed to being alone, but the loneliness, that was interminable. Fading through the hall, gliding down the stairs, I picked at remnants of white sheets tucked into alcoves, ready to spring forth at a moments notice, rocks stacked in dim corners that could echo throughout the house their agenda as hidden as their location, maybe I had overdone it a bit … but it had been so long, and they seemed to enjoy the tension of not knowing, the fear … at first.

    I stepped away from the house, the front door hissing behind me, don’t go too far. Stepping into the clearing I stared at the car, encouraged the engine into life and ordered it into the pond at the back of the house … it was getting full. I felt my skin sizzle against the closeness of the trees, turned and glided back into my sanctuary … my safe, secure, sanctuary. Alone, again.

    copyright haikujin 2015