Friday, January 10, 2014


Purple-blue skies shimmering above us as we dance under the treetops and their dripping fingers.
Our movements are still.
We are the rivers.
We are the soil you tread over.
We are one with the purple-blues and orange-pinks.
We are one with the shimmering movement across the sky.
We are one with the twinkling blues from the darkness,
But we are not silent.

We can make a difference.
We can feel no pain.
We will bear no burden nor injury.
We will fear no more.
We will be described as little of what we are.
We are much larger than what we are reduced to,
But we are not silent.

We are someone.
We are lovers.
We are friends.
We are gone,
But we are not silent.

Dedicated to the Cadavers donated to science and inspired by Mary Roach.

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