Wednesday, February 5, 2014

An Ode to my Week

This is that kind of week.
I shouldn't have to explain what kind of miserable terrible kind of week it is,
But I just did.

The week that begins with Monday.
The week that ends with Monday.
The never-ending cycle of doom that sucks us into it's misery.
It's that type of week.

This type of week,
The Monday type of week,
Makes me think all kinds of violent thoughts that include knives and death and murder and pulling out your eyes.
It's the type of week that makes me want to stomp my feet and scream and throw my hands up in defeat.

I hate these types of weeks,
These Monday weeks.
If I could have one wish,
I would get rid of the miserable terrible Monday kind of weeks like this.
Each week would be the type of Friday week,
The one that lets you take a breath of fresh air.
A Friday week,
The kind of weeks that let you free.
One of those weeks right before a vacation where you'll have too little to do.
That's the kind of week I wish to seek.
One that won't make me stomp, or scream, or throw my hands up in defeat,
But no!
It had to be a stupid Monday type of week.

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