Saturday, December 14, 2013

Curly Hair is NOT all that it's Cracked up to be

First off, the title looks messed up because I was trying to decide whether to capitalize every letter, or to leave the smaller words capitalized, or only capitalize the first word. It's messed up. End of story.

Anyhow, I know most people think curly hair is amazing, and whenever I wear my hair out people are always like, "OMG! Your hair! It looks so amazing!" (I think that's an accurate example of what most people sound like, acronym use and all.) Let me clarify, if my hair is out a good couple of inches, it was because I was too lazy to tame it and/or it wasn't going to let me tame it. You see, curly hair is like a cat, sometimes it just wants to be left alone, and at other times, it's really friendly and does exactly what you want. When I have my hair in no tame mode, and I get all these comments about how beautiful it looks, I think my hair begins to get a little bit of an ego. What do I mean by that?  Have you ever tried to tame a curly mane that's been out all day? It's impossible without an arsenal of hair products! It's like WWIII. You might as well give up the rest of your night unless you want to do a bun, and even then you'll have to wrangle it into a giant scrunchie. Curly hair is basically a giant brat that has nothing better to do then screw with your day. Well, that's my rant. If you agree with me, or just plain liked it, you should check out Authoress' blog: Miss Snark's First Victim because she's pretty awesome.
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