Monday, December 9, 2013

G.R.A.Y Part 3

I'm actually trying to edit this a little bit as I post this because as I read I am finding certain parts that I don't like along with many an error, but I figured since I wasn't doing anything else, I should put up the next portion.
Chapter 1

I don’t know how bad it has gotten with the attacks. I can't really help, but I can tell you the truth. I can tell you my story.

It all happened when I was first walking through the hallway. Our hallway. It was my first encounter. I had been young, innocent, and the deadliest of all, curious.
It was in the middle of dark-fall, we were meant to be sleeping, but I had stayed up, and I snuck out into the hallways. I had almost woken up a few of you up as I crept through the dorm to the door. I put my hand on the ice cold doorknob considering what I would do if I found something. Our life, my classmates, had been the only life I had known, and a small part of me felt as if I was betraying that, but I had to continue. Some of you behind me stirred, ignorant of what I was about to do, and equally ignorant of the danger I was exposing us to.

I took a step back from the doorknob, and I closed my eyes. I had one memory from before, my entrance. I saw my father. He was running with me in his arms. I knew it was him. It was as if there was some kind of invisible tag above his head saying, “This is your father.” But I didn’t know him. He was no one to me, just an empty face. I opened my eyes and looked around, none of you had so much as stirred.
I had to do it. I had to pull the doorknob. I had to be free. I breathed in, hoping to stop the pounding in my head, but it wouldn’t go away. I stared into my reflection in the grey doorknob. There are 2,587 shades of grey. I counted each one. I slipped my grey hand onto the doorknob, covering my reflection, and letting the metal suck the heat from my hand. I carefully pulled open the door, shedding a dim white-light upon our dorm. I glanced back where you lay, but no one stirred. I walked out, careful to close the door enough to stay shut without the click of the lock sliding into place, disregarding the piece of tape I had already placed on it. I had planned my escape for weeks, just to get another breath of the dirty air that tented our corridor.

The hallway was huge, spacious, so different from when we had been in our group, altogether, walking to and from our class, mob style, ready to run over anyone in our way.
Had I yelled across the hallway, an echo would have bounced off of every wall and woken up anyone within a two mile range, but instead of yelling, I walked, past our classroom, and into the forbidden zone. I looked down at my bare grey feet, considering whether or not to continue on. I glanced back at the area behind the classroom door. It was the safe zone. It was where we had all lived for the last year, and I didn’t want to be like anyone else anymore. I wanted to be free from our rules, and I took another step forward. One step. And they came.
At first, it was nothing. Then it grew louder, and more distinguishable. Footsteps. They couldn’t be coming! Not yet! I had only just crossed the line into the forbidden zone. The footsteps were growing louder. They were coming from behind the safe zone. I had no choice. I couldn’t go back. I had to run.

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